GDPR Compliance

An operational and client-driven approach


Thanks to its multi-expertise team, LOB can propose a global offer to achieve and maintain compliance with the GDPR. Our action is part of a dynamic approach to control the compliance project and create value.

Our GDPR compliance offer

Compliance audit

Compliance audit

  • Comprehensive express audit
  • Assessment of the overall level of compliance
  • Detailed vision by field of work
  • Proposal for priority actions

Support for the DPO

Support for the DPO

  • Drafting of guidelines on major subjects or issues
  • Mapping of data processing
  • Review of missing information in particular on IS security topics
  • Drafting of key processes and control of their efficiency
  • Provide information and advice to the DPO and to the data controller(s)
  • Direct hotline with the DPO

External DPO

External DPO

  • Management of the compliance project
  • Conduction of the governance and Privacy by Design 
  • Reporting
  • Contact person for the CNIL, the teams and the Executive Management
  • Training and awareness-raising

Evaluation of the compliance project

Evaluation of the compliance project

  • Identify your priority projects with regard to the level of compliance achieved and your company’s objectives
  • Structure the project approach with an action plan 
  • Manage the projects and set clear objectives 
  • Set up regular reporting and implement management tools

From SMEs to large businesses

Our offer enables your company to comply with legal obligations by relying on the know-how and tools provided by our team, which has been working on the subject both for large groups and on behalf of numerous SMEs.

LOB offers to act as DPO for your company
External DPO

LOB becomes the conductor of the implementation of the compliance by adapting to your context and level of maturity (awareness, training, complete diagnosis). Its mission is to:

  • Understand your business’ requirements and risks
  • Evaluate the level of compliance
  • Identify priorities in the light of identified risks
  • Structure the approach with an action plan
  • Support your company in the long term (initial phase of two years) and at the best possible cost

Understand and control the level of compliance very quickly
Compliance audit

Each company moves towards GDPR compliance in its own way, taking either small steps or global action, but it is often difficult to have an objective and concrete assessment of the situation. LOB therefore carries out a compliance review of each of the projects and actions to be carried out to meet the requirements of the GDPR at any time during the progress of the client’s compliance project, to report to the DPO or Management.

This mission, carried out in close relationship with key compliance personnel, can be completed in less than four days. It has the double advantage of providing a reliable overall picture of the state of compliance and identifying the remaining actions to be taken by isolating the priority measures or projects.

In addition to being a balance sheet to date, it is therefore a real tool for monitoring and supporting the compliance project.

Sharing our diverse and multi-sectoral experience
Support for the DPO

LOB supports DPOs in two distinct ways:

  • Either by carrying out complete missions on a fixed-price basis such as :
    • The identification of processing activities, collection of information, input into a tool and summary of the actions to be carried out according to the level of compliance
    • Review of the security of processing activities
    • Web sites audit
    • Suppliers audit
    • IS security compliance audit
    • Drafting of key procedures
    • Production of PIAs
    • Training
  • Either by supporting the DPO on a day-to-day basis and providing support on the priority tasks he has defined.
    Our scope of action notably involves:
    • Defining an appropriate governance
    • Structuring the approach
    • Define how the DPO communicates and speaks internally
    • Managing responses for CNIL controls and internal questions
    • Facilitating arbitrations



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