Risk assessment


The identification and assessment of privacy risks is an essential step towards ensuring compliance with the GDPR.

A global vision of risks to launch pragmatic and effective actions
Risk assessment

In the digital environment of businesses, we are convinced that it is important to understand and interpret the risks in order to define a prevention or control strategy. It is also fundamental to have a global approach to these challenges.

Therefore, LOB:

  • Conducts investigations in order to gather all elements of information on the nature, extent and origin of the threat and in particular in the following areas :
    • audiovisual piracy
    • phishing
    • parallel market
    • counterfeiting

    in order to get a detailed representation of it.

  • Possesses its own tools resulting from its research and development to measure the extent or origin of certain threats (LOBWATCH)
  • Creates specialised scripts in order to automate reporting or monitoring
  • Offers web interfaces to follow live the evolution of these KPIs
  • Defines a prevention strategy
  • Launches and coordinates all the actions decided upon with its client
  • Constantly monitors the evolution of threats
  • Draws the lessons about experience of malicious use



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