Due to the invalidation of the Privacy Shield that was supposed to govern the exchange of personal data between the European Union and the United States, the CNIL wants to stop the hosting of the health data platform for research by Microsoft. The CNIL is therefore asking all French healthcare players to stop entrusting their data hosting to Microsoft or any other company subject to “US law”.

The French Health Data Hub, or Health Data Hub, is currently hosted by Microsoft, which used the Privacy Shield agreement to transfer data across the Atlantic. However, associations have petitioned the Conseil d’État to stop the scheme, calling on the CNIL to make recommendations. The CNIL therefore considered that the data of European citizens could no longer be hosted by an American company, even if the latter had its headquarters and servers in the European Union. Public authorities must therefore urgently examine the existence of alternative providers. Aware of the technical challenge of this request, the CNIL is considering a transition period, the duration of which will be limited to what is strictly necessary.